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l m a o r e a l l y? [url=]Laughter Imminent[/url] So I just got this email today, and I just started busting out laughing. My comment was in relation to a really long post about why someone hates weeabos or whatever. There's so many times a thread is made using a complaint generator. Out of all the useless comments on this forum, they choose that one? I've never even seen such an email before. Is it some new bot feature? Are we going to be spammed by these emails now because of useless comments? Will I be suspended for blowing the whistle?

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If someone visited Australia from any other country Would it be too expensive to stay for long? Everything is so overpriced in comparison to every other country, but in Australia you make more money, so it balances out to be pretty much the same with every other country. But since you're visiting from a different country and don't get payed as much, it would be really expensive to visit right? I heard that a soda there costs five dollars, but everywhere else its like maybe a dollar or two. So yea. Oopse wrong section