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Im surprised with how accurate my prediction was So a while ago there was a thread asking when the blackmage will be released and I gave an in depth concept about how the world will turn dark and the blackmage will be tear a hole in space and time and that all servers will be able to fight alongside each other and that everyone had to come together and spread out to stop the black mage's commanders from fulfilling their plans, and that at the end if the blackmage is defeated, everyone will be dropped into a large room from every server, and a screen projecter will be brought in by lupins and it will be the nexon staff congratulating us and then the projector will start to show screenshots taken by GMs over the years in events and being invi


Why are you still playing Maplestory? It's so obviously clear now that this game is a shell of what it used to be, even if they merged all servers into 1 it still wouldn't compare to before. The game's infrastructure itself is in shambles - why use the train, boats, planes, even VIP teleport rock, when you can teleport anywhere you want from that neat little pantheon portal, or even from the Maple Guide that teleports you to training spots. I was surprised when I saw that they still use actual NPCs in this game instead of just cramming them all into a little window just like they did with bosses and party quests. Maplestory has had a very long life but this story has a sad ending.


MapleStory 2 A fresh start Maplestory seems like it lost it's way some time long ago, and ever since, we've just been getting really abstract updates. Like they got carried away and are just rushing things out the door because they're trying to fix so much all at once. With Maplestory 2 though, do you think we will get to experience that composure MS1 had before? Will the art style remain linear? Will the story not be scrapped and redone repeatedly? Will they actually not rehash old content with crappy color scheme changes? I mean that new aqua hell place or whatever is just a train wreck. It looks like something from a pizza slice where they just throw in what we already have and add a filter on top. I played MS1 throughout my childhood, w


Next 2 classes to be revealed What do you think the next two class revamps are gonna be? When do you think we'll get to see them? What do you think they'll be like? I was guessing that this week we would see two new classes, like on a monday but I was wrong. I'm eager to see how they remodel the thief classes and I'll delete all my thieves if they turn out with the same stupid skills or worse. I mean, if we STILL have taunt even after a 2nd revamp.. I'll just give up on NL's altogether.

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