Anti-Scamming Tips? So we have all been through this, trying to go around and make some profit or help a friend and just as we become a bit too trusting BANG! we get scammed by a friend, a guild member or a common person who was vouches by others. So do you have any particular way to identify "scamming behavior" so that others might be saved? I will give my 4 big ones: 1) [b]Rushers:[/b] When trading a scammer will always try to make you make a mistake, trade you quickly for 99,999,999 and not 1B. They will also try to tell you that they need to leave and that they can only do this "right now". NEVER trade a player that doesn't have time for you. 2) [b]The mule switchers[/b]: Scammers often use mules that have nothing to


Is dupe still alive? So as it seems that by the sheer amount of garbage B ranks - A ranks and the rare appearance of S rank nebulites I can say that dupe is back of that hackers are being released from their hell-ban... Do you think that there is an active dupe running rampant? I have seen prices go down from 1.5B to 300m in under A DAY. 20% boss nebulites went from 2.5 to 800 SW gloves went from 1B to 200m (if you know where to look) I hope that the servers will be taken down soon and nexon will ROLLBACK 2 WEEKS What is your take about this? COMMENT PLEASE :<

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Bug report- Add Yours So what have you guys have been experiancing while logging to maple? please be pin-point :D these are the few things that I have picked up. [b]PLEASE SUBMIT FIRST-HAND EXPERIANCES![/b] -Future Perion monsters do not drop their monster card -Future Perion monsters drop "filler item" instead of actual equipment -Future Perion monster-park share the same drop issue. -Evolving world summoned knights and Cygnus do not drop items -Evolving world monsters give "fixed" experience -Evolving world cores effect the monsters based on character's level (20x health is over 10 million HP and not 1million as used to be) -Root Abyss : Pierre's background is glitched -Root abyss: Pierre will cause disconnection rando


New concept - who is the dark mage? I've been watching lots of videos made by nexon, tons of articales by players all over the world and I have gotten to this sum: "The dark magician is Evan's sibling" Think about it, Evan knows EVERYONE. He was fighting alongside Mercedes when she confronted the black mage. Evan knows the NEW HERO. Evan's story line and Aran's apply on the very same manner. Both Evan and the black mage are... magicians BUT here is the catch- Evan is not Edlestien oriented.... that's the only twist to the story that I could find which makes my theory crumble but Nexon have enough time to make him adopted or w/e GOD I WANT MERCEDES T^T

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