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Poison Mist or Element Composition? So I have all my other 3rd job skills maxxed (and I'm nicely satisfied with them), but now I'm being forced to put SP into poison attacks, which I've never liked using. It's down to choosing which of these two to max, and which one to let go. Everyone says Poison Cloud for the mobbing effect, but that's not my playing style. Element Composition looks like it has nice single monster damage, which is more the way I play, so I'm leaning that way. If I need mob hits, I use maxxed Explosion (unless of course they're fire resistant, in which case I wouldn't be there anyway). So.. will I regret maxxing Element Composition..?

General Mage

Unleashed Matt vs Evolution Matt scrolls I don't usually follow DPS charts and damage algorithms, so this one isn't really that clear- What would give you the best overall results... Using an Unleashed Magic Attack scroll which gives +5 INT and +5 MATT or using an Evolution Magic Attack scroll which gives +8 MATT...? Character level around 165. I'm guessing the 3 extra MATT of the Evolution scroll outweighs the benefit of the +5 INT from the Unleashed scroll, but I know there are usually a lot of "yeah, but" to consider with stuff like this.