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Watson is ahead at the end of the Jeopardy round Tonight the IBM computer system "Watson" appears to be soundly kicking the Jeopardy Champions' collective butts, at the end of the first round of play. The game is being played out over more than one night because there's a lot of background information being given about the computer itself, so the game is only half finished. So far it's only gotten a couple of questions wrong, one of which illustrates one of the big problems in "machine intelligence", that of understanding the question. The answer given by Ken Jennings, the all time Jeopardy Champion was "What was the '20s", referring to a specific decade in the past century. That was the wrong answer, so Watson

General Tech

Video conundrum- what am I missing? Having tried everything I can think of, I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone can think of anything else to try with this thing. After 7+ hours downloading the Tespia client (don't ask), it installed fine, but right after Hackshield load, when the screen goes black and the client changes the resolution to 800x600, my monitor goes nuts and gives me a "Sync out of range" error saying the Tespia client is trying to set the vertical refresh rate to 239Hz, which of course is way out of range for my Samsung CRT monitor. First thing of course is to try using "Setup.exe" in the Maplestory/Tespia folder to set the refresh rate. It identifies 5 possible scan rates, none of which solve the prob