Gms really needs an auction house I recently decided to play maple again, and after playing many other MMO's i realized how stupid the FM system actually is. In the past, you could trade manually with people, because there where a ton of people in the FME so there was a pretty decent change that you would find a buyer for your item. However, the FME is almost completely empty nowadays, at almost all times. So its really hard to find any buyers. Its almost impossible to make money in this game without NX. So, your second option is to buy a store permit. 1.9k nx for 90 days is very reasonable, no complaints at all. However, if you wanna use it, you have to stop playing the game and do something else, and if you wanna have a good change of sel

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So this is pretty damn sad For 5 days in a row one a really good friend of me decided to stay at home to play League of Legends instead of going to the beach with a bunch of people i used to hang out with him everyday last summer, and we had really good times. I think its kind of sad that people nowadays put gaming before social contact.. I mean i like gaming as well but i dont put gaming before my social life.. Edit: its not that i have no other friends or anything lol its just weird how people change

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