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What would you do if you earned 10billion dollars What would you do if you earned 10 billion dollars? For me personally, I would give my parents like 30mil each and repay them for all the things they did to take care of me. I would give 5mil to my Sister because she's always been good to me. Give 5mil to all my close friends for being there for me and making my day not as dull. Then the rest I would do some of the stupidest things. All the people I spited I would go to them and just burn cash in front of them. I would make a suit out of $100 bills. I would hire some homeless people to do work around the house for me and I would pay them rather well and provide them with food and shelter. I would get a large blender, blend $100 bills to crea


Help getting a Gaming Pc So recently my PC broke down and im looking now towards a gaming PC but im completely clueless in this area </3 I want a prebuilt PC. This will not change. I don't want to build my own PC as I am as smart as a monkey in IT and PCs. I was always a console person and the PC was always just a casual family one. "There's tons of tutorials online!" I don't really care nor do I want to learn. I hope to have a budget of 1-2k but I really don't wanna past 1.5. I live in Australia so American stores are outed. What I want is a simple Gaming PC that I can run my games on preferably on Ultra High or High settings with nice FPS. I don't want the World's best graphics or anything or the best PC available. Just a dec


Safe to delete Temporary files? So I was downloading something when I got a pop up error saying I had run out of disk space :~(. I searched how to clear space and results told me to go to a Windows Program called "Disk Cleaner" I ran the program and it gave me a bunch of stuff I could delete and a file called Temporary Files was one of em. If I delete it, it clears 16.6gb which is a lot :P. I don't know if it's safe to delete seeing how it's such a big file. (Side note, what is in temp files? Generally) TL;DR: Are temp files safe to delete?


Just started Oz Just started Oz and its pretty fun ! The jumping puzzle is easy once you memorise it and I want something to compare to so I'd like to ask you people that do Oz and get pretty high: How long does it take you to get to floor 10? Still havent gotten to 10 with a 9 minute pill so it takes me more then 14 minutes to get to 10 :P How long does it take you to get to floor 40? I have around 350k buffed, Are there any floors I cant do? Besides 50 of course. (This one is kinda important because I dont wanna get to a high floor just to see its impossible cuz im too weak) When do you start fighting the "Guardians" And finally when are the worthwhile rewards?

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