General Hayato

Asking about 4th jon Hayato Hi guys, I was trying Hayato last few days and interested in this class, but I'm wondering should I continue since I spam Sarenzan all the way from lvl10 to lvl89 right now. Other skills seem slow and not efficiency at all. Just want to ask if Hayato training will be better or more fun at 4th job? I can't stand to spam 1 skill all the way up. When I did Heizan's quest as Hayato, there is a water dragon skill is very awesome too. Thank you in advanced.

General Bowman

Solo Normal Magnus Tt Hi hi BMs fellow, I've been struggling for ages when I tried to solo Normal Magnus. I could manage to damage him but when he had 25%HP left, things went crazy. He is to fast to adjust Platter directions, chasing him with Hurricane is a death wish with falling balls from above, Arrow Stream is too slow and lame damage. Either I got time ran out or my live counts ran out. Hope you guys can give me some tips/strategies to deal with that part. I'm solo because my guild is dead and friend-list is empty :~( Thank you in advances.


Lag a whole weekend Has anyone experienced constant lag a whole weekend? I couldn't finish any voyages on any chars without being d/ced.I couldn't stay online within an hour, needless to say how I wasted all my x2 exp and drops coupon. D/ced or suffered have lag at boss. I though it was Friday night at the beginning but Saturday and Sunday either. Try to find any info or threads about this but seem like none went through this lag and dced. My Internet works well and comp is cool too :(( I even re-installed the game and things just stay the same.

General Bowman

So Gongs gloves Vs Falcon gloves Hi bowmen fellows, finally i finished Ranking Dojo today and just got my So Gong's gloves. Now I'm wondering should I use it or keep my Falcon gloves on, cause my ATK will drop around 4K if i switch to So Gong ones. Specs on those: Falcon gloves: +36DEX, +31 wa, +24%DEX vs So Gong: +10all stats, +12%all stats, +12%total damage, +15%boss damage my guessing is So Gong wins but only in Dojo or bossing purposes, but since the ATK drops, idk. Thank you in advances for any opinions.

General Bowmaster

%dex, %atk or Boss Damage Hi bowmaster fellows, Earlier today I cubed my Empress Bow (legend tier) and got 12% DEX, 9%DEX and 6% all stats. It boots up my damage significantly and i was happy with that. But my guild mates said its only benefit for training but %boss damage or % ATK is much better overall. Currently i have 103 % Ignore Def so I need some advices on %DEX vs Boss damage. Will 50%+ boss damage can beat 27%DEX. I run Abyss, Gollux daily, BP and HT occasionally. Thank you in advanced.

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