How Much Time In Dojo Is Spent Not Fighting? How much time is counted in dojo is spent just travelling to the next stage and waiting for bosses to spawn? Excluding time to buff in rest, because that's not counted. And pap doesn't shell up or statuses are inflicted, I kill before things like that happens anyways. I think it's around 4:30 ish, considering max damage phantoms can complete it in about 4:50, but I'm not too sure: Dojo time formula: (Time spent attacking bosses) + (Time spent attacking), and increase in damage cuts the latter portion.


The Average Players Damage Triples Yearly In values against 'normal' bosses [i]in 'ideal' settings[/i], the average player's damage has tripled every year for the past few years. In early 2011, it 500k dps, on mechs, dual blades, BaM's, etc. hitting 50k's per line In early 2012, it was 1.5m dps on mercedes, demon slayers, BM's, etc. hitting 50-300k's per line (depending on class) In early 2013, it was 4m dps on db's and Kaisers averaging 100k's per line Now in early 2014, it's about 12m dps on Zeros hitting 600k's-1m's per line Following the trend, in 2015, the average player will be doing about 35m dps 2016: 100m dps 2017: 300m dps 2018: 1b dps By the way, I'm talking median, not mean. [b]How has your damage output changed over time? Discu

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