General Shade

Target Sale So I'm thinking about taking advantage of the Target buy 2 games get 1 free sale (yeah, this is a thing guys, get on it before it ends). Already sure I'm gonna get W101. And I've narrowed down the second to Pikmin 3. Can't for the life of me decide on the 3rd game though. I've already got MK8, WWHD, and NSMBU. Also Target doesn't sell MH3U anymore apparently. ;_; Edit: Got my games; thanks for the help. I think the sale ends Saturday so be sure to pick up your games before the week ends if you want to take advantage of things.

General Nintendo

Pokemon The End is Nigh Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. You know, Nintendo, I really thought you couldn't top Mega Mewtwo. I honestly believed stapling his butt to the back of his skull was the worst you could do to tarnish the legacy of your franchise. You took the most well-known legendary and redesigned him for no reason other than to satisfy your misguided need to Super Saiyan everything. I thought that was the worst you could throw at me. But no. You killed Charizard. For those of you unaware, a new XY video debuted yesterday, unveiling several new tidbits regarding the game. First off is Pokemon Bank, a cloud storage for your Pokemon that will cost an annual fee. While more space for your Pokemon is always nice, why the heck do you have to pa

General Fun

My sisters boyfriend is a sick guy So I've got this sister named Annie who recently started going out with this random guy. Right from the start I could tell there was something up with him. He Anyway so last night she and I went to his house for dinner. He wasn't home when we arrived, but the door was unlocked, so we let ourselves in. We sat in his living room and waited a while, but I got bored and decided to look around the house. I went into one room upstairs and I find him, sitting there, covering himself in talcum powder. There's literally powder everywhere. I ask him what in the hell he's doing. Says he's getting ready for dinner, that he likes his skin baby soft. He asks me to touch his chest and it's like freaking sil

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