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kMS ver. 1.2.245 Hero Updates [url=]KMS updates here[/url] [b]Hero[/b] We have adjusted some skills to improve Heroes' poor mobility and low attack range. > Combo Force Combo Force: [b]you can now press the down arrow key while using this skill to pull yourself to a monster[/b], an error where this skill would not charge your Combo has been fixed > Brave Slash Brave Slash: attack range has been increased > Rage Uprising Rage Uprising: attack range has been increased I am excite


Big Guy Show How 2 Beauty Coupon 4 U If you want a various hairs in one color but don't want to dish out the NX to change each hair style to your desired (singular) color, you're in luck if you meet one specific requirement. If you use that mix dye coupon on your hair either from that event a while back, or from Star Planet, any hair you get from the random beauty coupons will ALWAYS be that specific shade of color. IE: For me, mine is 70% blue and 30% purple for a nice dark blue, every hair I've gotten from the 60+ coupons I've used has been a nice dark blue color. Don't know if this has been mentioned before or if people knew, but I felt like I'd share something I figured out while making an ex-main look nice.


Prime Scroll Purchase Increase Confirmed [url=]Here[/url] In response to community feedback, we will be increasing the number of Prime Scrolls that are currently purchasable from the 10th Anniversary Coin Shop from one to five per character. This change will take place during this week's update on [i][b]May 20th, 2015[/b][/i]. Some of you might be asking why there is a limit in place at all. Please understand that we have this limit in place to protect the game economy. We want to avoid having farmers and bots exploit the system and make the game less enjoyable for other players. Also, as a reminder, please note that we are co

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