General Luminous

Cheapest way to be able to solo drill hall? I recently made a lumi as a bored project and I was wondering what the cheapest way to fund him to be able to solo drill hall is. He has full clean cra, some Evo rings, a 5 Stat tyrant cape, and I think that's about it ;o the weapon was 70% spell traced and enhanced to 12 stars, and he has the level 70 DA link skill not that that matters much but xD (assume I have around 10b, though if it's possible with less let me know :D )

General Tech

ethernet issues? My main desktop (only computer capable of playing maple) won't connect to the Internet... I came home from class late last night and it just flat out wouldn't connect. I thought the router was down, but my phone was connected to the WiFi. Then I thought that the corder was jacked up, but it worked perfectly fine on my old MacBook. Even my wii u connects to both the WiFi and ethernet! I've tried turning it off and turning it back on, unplugging and replugging the ethernet cord, all of the troubleshooting options, and nothing. I gave it a day and tried the above again, and still nothing. Any ideas on how to fix it? I feel like there's something obvious I'm missing but I don't know what it is, and I really want to get those ne

General Nintendo

To buy a Wii U or not to buy a Wii U For those of you who have bought/considered buying a Wii U, why did you do so? Did you consider buying a refurbished one from nintendo themself from cheaper? Would you look for the cheapest one off Craigslist? Is it worth buying the extra memory, and what games do you find most fun/addictive? Let me know all of your opinions :) P.S. I love casual Smash but I wouldn't play it every day most likely, not too many of my irl friends have the system, and I have a long history with Pokemon... never tried out Legend of Zelda, but it seems interesting :O

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