General Luminous

Luminous Representative **Someone represent us! all eyes on you. Here's some info on what you'll be doing.** [quote=Artasi]To keep it short, yes. Experiences, concerns, opinions, etc. This is why the person needs to be largely representative of the job itself, and then have advanced knowledge of the role the job plays within the game, as well as recent and upcoming changes to the job.[/quote] **Voice your Lumi concerns!** Here are some of mine: - GMS lumi vs KMS lumi - Lost of light/dark bars upon death - Mages unable to air cast skills **Notice how these concerns aren't, "z0mgs, Lumi so op nerfirino plzzz... or z0mgs Lumi so weakkk buff b0ssingz plzzz...." They must be constructive and reasonable.**


Option 3 Wins [url=]Option 3 of the compensation package wins[/url] Option 3 (EXP Booster - 11 Pack (4 Hours), 30 Day Safety Gem, 30 Day Respawn Pass, 30 Day Maple Teleport Rock, 30 Day Traveling Merchant, 30 Day Portable Storage) Before filtering 1113 for Option 1 (Winner) 79 for Option 2 1073 for Option 3 After filtering 961 for Option 1 64 for Option 2 988 for Option 3 (True Winner) Nexon is the best.

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