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Typical DB or NL thread So yeah imma ask the same old question maybe cuz I'm lazy maybe cuz the answers I've found aren't satisfying enough either way I would really appreciate some opinions. So I've recently become really interested in using a close range class since Ive been playing NL for literally years and I've been given a magical coin that lets me become a Db and yes i know SHAD is an option and ive gone down that road.... nope. Really like the DB playstyle but my question involves how well do they boss/mob compared to NL? Also just give me your personal opinions on the matter. Thanks a million!


Fave Characters I'm bored so lets talk. Maplestory as you know actually has some good characters with nice backgrounds/stories. In your personal opinion name me your top 5 characters and a reason why along with each one. I wanna know. 1.Phantom (I got really hyped for phantom he lost the love of his life and went on a quest for revenge) 2.Shade (Shade is... well sad... and dark... yeah that's all I need to say) 3.Kaiser ( Very cliche but still pretty damn cool. Kid is the reincarnation of a hero who got a ******* AMAZING video) 4.Zero (The children of the goddess of time Rhinne... nuff said) 5.Mihile (Mihile cuz I CAN *****) (yeah he's pretty cool)

General Thief

Job Change Help Plz Umm yeah id like to know about the differences between dual blade and Night lord. Since nw are gonna overshadow nls id like to change things up so i dont get bored/insane over nw. Im considering swapping over to dual blade i have decent gear its just the weapons i have to worry about and ive roughly got 3b could i make a decent dual blade you know self scrolling and what not. I dont need to be god like i just want to do enough for like mid tier bosses and training. :/ P.S. If it helps my NL has like 110k range buffed

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