General Shade

Whats the recommended range to decently solo Normal Hilla? Sort of similar to my one about Zakum, but with Hilla. The former was pretty easy. Would recommend fighting Normal Zakum for training. I'm trying to get to Lvl. 150 for those two rings. I was thinking about soloing Hilla (I can't find anyone to party with) in hopes to get a good weapon or something and was wondering what's a decent range to solo her. Also, any tips for fighting her? I've fought her with a Paladin, but I assume there's a different tactic. If it's useful to know, I'm Lvl. 130 and I currently have a range of 18k clean and I have +16% Boss Damage and +25% PDR. I also have Spirit Claw, Mastery and Critical Insight maxed. Would this be good enough?

General Buccaneer

When does Octopunch become stronger than Buccaneer Blast? So I've recently just advanced Buccaneer, and decided to put 1 point into Bucc Blast, Octopunch and Dragon Strike. At the moment, it seems like Bucc Blast seems a lot stronger than Octopunch during Power Stance. My question is, when should Octopunch be stronger (percentage-wise) than Buccaneer Blast? Edit: Okay, let me clarify something. When I say that Buccaneer Blast is stronger, it's in the situation that I'm using Bucc Blast in 1v1 and is [i]still[/i] stronger than Octopunch in 1v1.

General Zero

A Simple and sort of Long Guide to Tips and Facts of Zero I just decided to create a small guide for Zero, since people seem to be asking people about them (and I have nothing else to do.) There's not going to be a skill build, as you can find that on [url=]Coppensan's skill build page for Zero[/url]. This is essentially a reboot of my old "guide" (which I now have a proper place to post this), and is a work-in-progress project. [header]Zero's History (In a nutshell.)[/header] Zero is the child of Rhinne, the Transcendence of Time. Born from her tears in an attempt to free her powers from the Black Mage, but things would not go as planned as the Black Mage figured out her plan. The child was sp

General Buccaneer

Should I sell my Leaves or buy the Black Anniverary set? So I currently have about 10k Leaves and about 20m mesos in my storage. If I sell my Leaves, I don't think I'll be able to buy a good, clean end-game Knuckle (for example, a Shark Tooth Knuckle, which has about 102 ATK clean) that I can scroll and potential myself (I don't really plan on buying NX.) However, I can probably buy a slightly weaker set with (probably) good stats. On the other hand, I was thinking about buying a Black Anniversary Knuckle (which has 92 ATK clean - I think I can buy one, but it'll probably cost more that its value in Leaves) so I can scroll it myself. I can also try to buy most of the Black Anniversary set (which can come with good Epic-tier Potential), but

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