Price Check on several items Windia Death Sender Charm [Unique] - 9% atk, 6% Total Damage, 6% Max HP, 3atk charm Spectrum Goggles [Legendary] - 12% luk, 9% Max hp, 1atk 2 slots Violet Snowshoes [Legendary] - 21% luk, 3line 7 slots - clean Fafnir Risk Holder [Unique] - 6%atk, 30%Damage to Bosses, 6% MaxMP. 207atk, 10 star, 55dex, 52 luk. Flashy Hilla soul attached to it Raven Horn Chaser Gloves [Unique] - 6% Luk, 9% MaxHP, 10atk. 30atk with 1 slot left. = 40atk glove Also - Horoscope Claw, Rainbow bow (Both xbow and bow), Laser sword, Muey thai string,Green/Red/Navy/Purple/White Christmas Sock, Dragon's Fury (Spear & PA) All clean, no potentials ^ Looking for price range for these items above. Asking on prices for a friend :c Please and


Are the Raven Npc bugged in Dead Mans Gorge? I'm not sure if I'm the only person or not that can't talk to the NPCs from Dead Man's Gorge or purchase anything Even though I have finished the Right Path quest a long time ago - before that destroyed NLC look and what not. Was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this :3 (Yes I have searched NLC and past the Valley of Heroes for any npcs for quests - I have pretty much finished all of the crimsonwood quests, I still have the Marker of Heroism, Keystone and map) [I'm not sure if this was pointed out or not ]

General Mage

18 Int Vss and other stuff Price check Windia So I need some prices/etc in Windia -- Clean 18% 3line Legendary Vss Clean 1dex - 2% 2line Epic Spec Goggles Clean 4atk BFC Ambassador Scythe (Anviled and original) 17atk Dragon Khanjar - 9 slots, 3line - Unique Fiery Fox (Cane) Heartbreak sword Heart Key Ele Wand 5 Pink Angel Stick Lord Tempest Any of the scroll services - Goodness 40% & 50% scrolls, Lucky Day, Asscessory for Atk/matk 15%, Innocence scroll 20%, and so forth (All untradeable) Forgot my other equips but I'll leave it at that. If anybody can provide some range of prices that'll be great. Thanks.

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