Xenon or Dual Blade Yes, it is one of "those' posts again. So, I have recently been having an existential crisis about the human condition and whether or not we live in a quantum simulation of an entire different universe, which led to me thinking about my class on maplestory. So, my two options are Xenon or Dual Blade. Please note- I know that someone is going to say, play what you enjoy, but that is the problem. I really enjoy both of these classes equally. I just want to know what is objectively better in the long run, assuming that my meso-making strategies work in the long run. I.e. Funding won't be a problem for a while.

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Basil market poetry side Ok, I've pretty much seen everything, from what class to rap battles, but never a poetry section. I'll read a poem, you guys be clever and make your own. Ok, i'll start. Here i come to say, more then what the price has been set to pay, the friends that kept me going, more then i have ever started knowing, when the sky is falling down, the people start to drown, i'll have you, but you never knew. And here i come to say, i'll miss you 'till the end of today