Did not open Mondays Box. Still good for Sunday? "If you obtain a Gift Box every day from Monday to Saturday, then on Sunday--in addition to Sunday's reward--you can select another gift!" If anyone has had experience with not opening the box they got last week, did it still let you get the second reward on Sunday? I didn't realize I didn't open the box because of lack of Use spaces for the 5 Exp coupons until I logged back in yesterday to get the Tuesday box and my chat showed that the Monday reward box expired.


Pink Bean Glitch I have encountered this while fighting Pink Bean half a dozen times over the past few months: Upon attacking the bird statue, whether it has DR active or not, I lose all ability to attack or heal. I can still be damage and certainly die, but I can not protect myself. I also can not respawn back at Three-Doors without shutting down the client as the OK button in the prompt does not work. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been trying to get my Pink Bean codex card since I finally have the range to solo it and it seems the game doesn't want that to happen. :/

General Nightlord

Tips for Dojo I put in my first real attempt at Dojo since they revamped it I don't know how many patches ago. I got Mu Gong down under 1/5 of his HP and ran out of time. I am level 201 with 67% Boss/81% Ignore. My range, self buffed without Epic Adventurer/Echo/Bleed Dart/AB Link/Warrior Elixir is 95k-112k. With everything except Echo/Elixir, I'm up to 130k-153k for a few seconds, dropping down to 100k-129k after AB expires. I also have 100% crit with Decent SE. I used the 30 attack buff on rounds 31-35 and the 60 attack from rounds 36-40, though the later wore off right at the end of round 39 so I wasn't able to use it for Mu Gong. I was told that the green Monster Park potion breaks the speed cap and allows me to utilize the +1 attack sp

General Anime

Space Brothers Does anyone else here keep up with Space Brothers? I find it to be the most consistently entertaining series I've ever seen. After 87 episodes it's just as enjoyable each week as the very first. There aren't many series that can stand the test of time so well. On top of that, each and every OP/ED are enjoyable to listen to, some more than others, but none bad by any definition. The only downside I find is the relatively low animation values at non-key points in the episodes. There are times where characters in the background can be literal blobs. It's not extremely noticeable since a lot of my attention is drawn to the subtitles, but I would understand for those that don't require them it could detract from entertainment.


Tots Level Up button So I've used Tot's to jumpstart my way to 61 on about 8 characters now and I have never had a problem with utilizing the free level ups upon completing the recommended quests and reading/completing the know-how's to get the button to appear. I currently have it visible on my Demon Avenger, however when I press it I simply get [url=http://i.imgur.com/qsJ9NmP.png]the message at the top.[/url] The button does not register a level up nor does it disappear. It even [url=http://i.imgur.com/XzjCy9l.png]overlaps the replay tab[/url] which it never did before. Has anyone else been experiencing trouble with the free level ups?

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Tales of Xillia 2 North America and Europe [url=http://www.siliconera.com/2013/07/06/tales-of-xillia-2-is-coming-to-the-west-in-2014/]Confirmed today that Tales of Xillia 2 will be coming to North America and Europe in 2014.[/url] [url=http://www.abyssalchronicles.com/?fn_mode=comments&fn_id=1112]Another source[/url] On a semi-related note, Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles (compilation of the original and Dawn of the New World) for PS3 is getting a [b]dual audio[/b] (first ever for a Tales game) release in NA and EU in a few months. Here's to hoping for Xillia 2 dual audio as well.


Failed scrolls and Innocence scrolls I have never used one, so I'm going to assume here that Innocence scrolls reset all stats as well as slot count on an item. Assuming this is true and I'm not mistaken, how many failed scrolls should I let go before using a 100% Innocence scroll (the one from today's hot day)? [url=http://i.imgur.com/0OrCe0U.png]This is the current state of my claw that I wish to 50% with the Unleashed Shop scrolls.[/url] It started off as +3 above average (72 attack) and I passed one scroll while failing two. Should I go for clean slate scrolls on it while continuing to attempt to pass scrolls on it a few more times or should I simply use my Innocence scroll and start again? As a side note, do Innocence scrolls reset the

General Xbox

Xbox Live hacked - 47 million user credentials released Edit: [url=http://www.gamespot.com/news/xbox-live-hacked-6408840]Microsoft officials confirm that they were no hacked. It was a farce.[/url] 48 million* [url=http://www.gamespot.com/news/xbox-live-hacked-6408840]Gamespot[/url] [url=http://www.behindgames.com/xbox-live-hacked-48-million-users-exposed/]BehindGames[/url] [url=http://twitter.com/Reckz0r/status/337685378989441024]Hacker's twitter post.[/url] The twitter post contains a pastebin link which I won't link here as it contains sensitive information and I can't be bothered to remove his profane words to bypass the silly filter here, but feel free to read his few paragraphs explaining his motives and actions. It will be interesting

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