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Help me get rid of these equips Scania So, Halloween is soon... Anyways, I need more equip inventory space and I have these equips with %HP potentials that I don't need anymore. It's all free, but you must have a Demon Avenger that's level 170 or above, or else it doesn't show how much you like/love the class. Only one set per person. I don't think anyone uses Listings anymore, there's only like 16 listings. This is in Scania btw. Set 1: Set 2: Set 3: Set 4: I know they're not all that great or anything, I guess it's for unfunded people like me. I might just put set 1 and 4 together if no one picks one over the other. If you're not yet 170, then you have to try really hard to convince me that you actually like the class, what do you persona