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.Hack Vs Sword Art Online Okay, so I am here creating this thread today because I have seen & heard one too many people that boast about how "amazing" SAO is as compared to .Hack, yet they have never even watched/played a single shred of it. There honestly isn't much to compare between the two other than the fact that both have their characters trapped inside of the game(which is arguably .Hack's idea & many argue that SAO is even a .Hack rip-off but even I, a .Hack loyal fan, would not go that far), but that honestly does not appear to have to same connection to the story. I've watched all of SAO and was totally HOOKED the first few episodes, but after that it kinda went down hill but I finished it anyway just so I could

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How often do you feel lonely? Me? A lot more than I should.. ha. I mean, given that there is a difference between feeling lonely & feeling alone, some times I just feel both. Right now, I want to talk with someone & just talk the night away.. preferably in person, and the people that I want to talk to & hang out with are either already asleep or busy doing things with their significant others. -sigh- Speaking of which, around 90% of my friends are already engaged in a serious relationship & have that person living with them, while I'm just sitting here, on Basilmarket.. ._. How about you guys?

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Ways to gain Mesos with a 34-40k range? Okay, so my Hero has around a 40k self-buffed range & my lvl170 DualBlade has around a 35k range, also self-buffed. My Hero is able to hit around 350ks MAX with Chance Attack/Enrage activated & my DB can go upwards to ALMOST 200k per PB with FC on & about 400ks with Asura, also with FC. Now, I know that these aren't very high but I was wondering what bosses could I potentially solo for profit to fund my Wind Archer/Breaker? I only have like a 9%DEX Tempest Belt, 6%DEX Tempest Pendant, lvl150 overall & maybe some other stuff lying around some place.. Oh & I also only have like 22mil left after my most recent spendings. ._. So with the above information, besides link skills/character


Monsters to train on at lvl159 for Cassandra's Mission Week? I normally follow the training section of the Xenon Guide for these types of things, but that's for training.. and I've been to MP3 but they don't seem to count? Temple of Time doesn't count, either..but for some reason I can get the envelopes from them just fine? So how come they don't count towards the 999 monster count? o____o I dunno where to go now & I cannot enter Future Hene till 160.. but I've not the patience for that tonight >.<

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