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Csgo Smurfs For those who play csgo... The latest exp system makes my friends who aren't level 3 already quit/waste 50 hours getting to level 3 without comp and doesn't fix the billion existing smurfs. Dust2 I swear has a smurf or two every comp I play. I don't even care about rank anymore but I lost DMG thrice and am on a losing streak on mge. Sure I must have played worse on average since getting netflix my family makes me ping spike to 300 when they use it, but in my last game for example I had a 3 man premade with a 10 hour and two 30 hour accounts who just wnated to deag and ninja every round and I was against a premade of at least 2 with 40 and 60 hours of gameplay who were on massive tryhard/wallhack mode, prefiring smoke and hsing a

General Tech

Is it worth getting this laptop? Alienware m17x r4 Hey guys, a friend of mine is trying to get rid of his laptop and is offering for me to buy it. He's selling an m17x R4 Alienware laptop with AMD Radeon 7970m processor. Has only 6gb ram I believe. If it wasn't for a friend selling a laptop I would certainly have steered clear from Alienware or laptops but idk if it's worth it with what he's asking. He wants $830 AUD for it, and he barely used it. He used for a month in 2013 and didn't really touch it since because he's a boarder and our school blocks Steam. Idk if with $830 I can get a newer laptop for future games, even though I don't really game much. All I play is CSGO atm and anything can play that, I was only planning on playing GTA V


How do I get on Maple It's been 2 patches. I've reinstalled, patched, everything. I log on via gamelauncher, and after entering password/waiting 20 seconds, the game disconnects/crashes. If I go through the website, I can log in, Maple starts up, but it boots Maple at the server choosing menu as usual but without any servers. It then dcs/crashes 20 or so seconds later like gamelauncher. wat do Freakin' customer support is down. If it's an ip ban shouldn't gamelauncher tell me? I have no reason to be ip banned either, before 2 updates ago when I first attempted to log in I didn't play for a few months. Edit: Last few reinstalls and patches none of my accounts worked, all show the above symptoms. Now after this patch one of them works, but it


Disconnect after input password Hey Basil, this has been fustrating me but after updating and reinstalling, nothing works. After putting in my password (gamelauncher), the 'ok' button stays held down for about 10 seconds before maple crashes, which will be followed by a "you have been disconnected..." etc message. If I enter via website, I can log in but no servers pop up then it disconnects me in the same way. wat do By the way, haven't played in a month and before that even more than just a month so I rarely get on, I didn't exploit any glitches etc. Does this have to do with a false autoban or is my game corrupted even after reinstalling? Possibly others have this problem?

General Anime

Spoilt 2 suppossedly good anime at once Was watching a new anime, but I didn't understand something so I looked up a little but about the anime, then I found a _____'s death video. Rip, hate spoilers. I acidentally spoiled myself a major plot twist and like 2/3 characters introduced from episode one. Later I saw a comment saying something along the lines of a 'cowboy bepop' style death. I just spoilt two anime I wanted to watch. This is like the time I wants to watch code geass and before starting the series I found a 'Lelouch dies' clip. Should I continue watching an anime knowing plot twists and knowing like a deuteragonist dies at the end?

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Pricechecks and scrolling Hey guys. I came back to Maple a week or two ago and I still haven't grasped the price of some of my stuff leftover from ages ago. How much should I sell my: 1. Pink heart transparent cap 2. 4% all stat nebs and I have like 3 or so 50% 5 star enhance scrolls with 50% boom upon failure. I wanted a Tyrant cape on my Drk, but all these scrolls are on my alts. Is it worth buying 25k nx on an alt I never use to I can psok the cape back after enhance plus buy a store and whatnot? If I boom the cape on my alt account I'll have to psok it to another alt then psok it back to my main, which is why I think maybe looking for an already scrolled cape is more viable. How can I fund a drk btw? I have 3 RA equips and some clean so

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