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Outdated Hair Colors Hi, several months ago I tried submitting a wiki to update the hair colors on this site and I JUST got the PM to make [url=]this into a table rather than a link[/url]. The thing is 1.idk how LOL's much easier for this to become part of basil's actual database rather than a wiki so lf mods that can either edit the site or make mr.b do it and i went to every town looking at the hair colors but feel free to double check this. thanks edit: ok why are my points showing as 1 and 1 please help

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I think I am a bad friend but not really EDIT: Thanks to all that helped :* I got around to talk to him and reset boundaries. Mods please lock or kill this thread tyty Hi idk where to start but I know I need some advice. This whole weekend I've been very pissy because of a friend who is very "nice". Last week I was able to confirm that this friend could store his stuff in my new apartment. I wasn't up there yet but my housemate gave him my key to use for the time being. I didn't want to rush moving so I came to town to start packing and stuff and I let him know cus he had my key. He texts me if he could stay over "(:". I make a sneaky move which was to use my housemate who was a mom to say no. He said he didn't have anyw

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Presidential Election 2012 - Thief Edition Hello, my loyal subjects. For those of you who don't (or do) know, I am your current president of Thieves. I come here today to host my reelection campaign, as per 's request. Unfortunately though, my right hand man has been banned for this event according to facebook. Here are my general stances as Madam President: -I support Thieves of all kinds except hackers. This includes but not limited to citizens who play for fun or play for damage. -This year, I would like to negotiate with the Dual Blades. Not in terms of settling who can deal more damage as opposed to another Thief, but just unity in general. -As a fun tidbit, I have experience in the current Thief class as well as other classes outside

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