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Petition for Merging Sections Hi all, I know this was discussed in another topic, and what's more surprising is that I'm even doing this after not using this site for a while. But I've come back to what appears to be a seriously inactive site, and I think the best way to fix the issue is by merging many of the sections together. For example, Warrior could be a single section, but instead, we have 12 subforums for one topic which could just be entirely generalized. Putting sections into a single forum would encourage more "foot traffic," leading to more active discussions and questions being more quickly answered. It's no secret that this site is less active. This isn't reddit; we need to organize our forum appropriately for a comm


Is this game dead now? So I checked back in on the game yesterday and the game seemed really mellow. There couldn't have been more than 30 people in the FM entrance and everywhere else seems without people as well. And I was running around Windia, not in some dead world. Anyway, is that how it's been for a long time? Or did it get pretty lively last summer too? I didn't play much last summer I don't think, so I'm just wondering if it still tends to get active when people are done with their school years/semesters. Thanks

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Winter Basil Pokemon Battle Bash EDIT: I decided to cancel this. Just not enough interest. Sorry Hello all, I would like to host a battle tournament now that most of us are on, or very close to, winter break. [header]Rules[/header] -Species Clause (Only one of each species per team.) -Sleep Clause. Only one foe can be put to sleep at a time (unless you were forced to do otherwise). -Evasion Clause. No using evasion boosting moves (Double Team, Minimize. Can also include Sand Veil and abilities of the like). -OHKO Clause. No OHKO moves. -Moody Clause. No usage of the ability Moody. -No Ubers (Ex: Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Mega Gengar, any others confirmed before we start) Rules are up for discussion until we start the tour

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Wifi Battle DrHye vs. Izama Today I battled a fellow basiler, and we played a REALLY fun and close battle. Both of us were down to our last pokemon before someone won. I think there was only one OU in the whole battle, so no ubers or megas. I tried figuring out how to easily share it with others, but without a capture card/youtube account, I think the only thing I can do is share the code for it. So if you want to watch, follow these steps in the game: -Open VS Seeker -Select "Search by code" -Input this code: AS6W-WWWW-WWW3-8HH5 And enjoy! (For reference, I am David and Izama is Shelby). If anyone wants to battle me, leave your code and I will add you. My FC is 1048 8872 6439.

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Any interest in a winter break Pokemon tournament? Hi everybody, So this is the first game where IV breeding and EV training and all of that is actually bearable, which means more of us have joined the competitive battling "community." I know there's already a tournament going on, and I don't want to overrun it, but it started up pretty fast and many of us weren't nearly as ready as we would've liked. My question is, would people be interested in a tournament during the general winter break period next month? It would operate as a singles tournament and I can use an [b]online tournament ladder[/b] so we can all see how we're doing and who we may be up against next, things like that. The main reason I want to host a tournament is b

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Iv bred Trapinches up for trade A few days ago, I made the Trapinch I wanted. Here's some of the next-best ones that I kept: List format (all are Lv.1 and Jolly-nature) # of Trapinches I have | Perfect IVs | Gender 2 | HP/Att/Def/Spe | Female 1 | HP/Att/Def/Spe | Male 2 | HP/Att/SpDef/Spe | Male 1 | HP/Att/SpDef/Spe | Female I want to trade these for other random pokemon. Not looking for anything too special, but maybe a safari pokemon that you can't find in the rest of the game would be a fair trade? I don't care about the stats/nature of the pokemon you offer. I locked the previous thread I made. The two that replied haven't really made an attempt to trade with me yet, so these are all still up for grabs. If I can't get rid of these here

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Trading good Iv Trapinches So today I decided to start a competitive team in X/Y. I haven't chosen all 6 yet for this gen, but I knew I'd try to implement one of my favorites, Flygon, into my team. Spent a few hours today getting a 5-IV perfect Trapinch. The reason I'm posting is because I saved a couple of the 4-IV ones I got through the process and am willing to trade them to those interested. I chose not to use wonder trade because some people probably wouldn't notice the IVs on these and I don't want them to go to waste. So I'll list below the Trapinches I have, and I would appreciate if people made a somewhat reasonable offer in exchange. I'd just give them away, but they actually took a while to get so I'd like a small return for them

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