Extra day for events? Do you guys think we'll get an extra day for events? I stayed afterschool to present something for school then fell asleep and it was 6 PM EST so I won't have time to do daily stuff as it's 11:20 PM but for PST its only 8:20 and it'll probably be up around 10 PST in which case it would be up here and there would be 5 hours in the day to do daily attendance and stuff so so soso only pst would get it done because thatd be 1 AM est and and :(( :~( :~( :~( :( :| :( :3 </3 o.o >.<

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I may have Cyclothymia Hi Basil. I'll get to the point. I may have Cyclothymia. My father had Bipolar disorder, heightening my chances of it, and I've been through some drama at a young age. I fit all the symptoms, and it usually begins in teenage years, which is what I'm in. Should I consult a doctor? I'm a bit intimidated. Medication is expensive and I don't want the side effects or withdrawal. I've taken several different tests, and I know they don't serve as an absolute diagnosis, but all four of the tests said I had a "Very High" chance of having Cyclothymia, and "High" chance of Bipolar Disorder. The two conditions are very closely related, and Cyclothymia can progress into Bipolar. I don't want that happening so I

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