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General Shadower

About meso explosion Hey guy, I am new to shadower and was just wondering how meso explosion works. First of all it doesn't seem to hit crit, but I saw a couple threads stating that it does. Can someone please confirm this? In the meso explosion description it said that it hit 15 times per cast, but when I used it on zakum, it seems to only hit about 8 lines. Lastly, does shadow partner work with meso explosion? If so, does that mean shadowers can hit 30 times with each cast? XD Thanks in advance.

General Shadower

Dragon Khanjar Questions I've been trying to look for a Dkhanjar for a while now, and I was just wondering how much are clean ones in Bera? I've came across a fairly well scrolled and cubed one with a 34 atk no slots, and 15% Luk. The seller was looking for around 4b, and C/O is 3.1b. Is this Dkhanjar worth 4b? Ever since the new potential system came out for shields, isn't % Luk not that great anymore? I've seen them with boss damage and whatnot. Is it worth buying a Dkhanjar that still has % LuK as potential these days?