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General Xenon

Range problems I've heard that Xenon's total damage is about 300% from skills and passives. So what exactly are the skills and buffs that give Xenon total damage? I am asking this because my range is slightly worrying me since I've done some digging and found out Xenon needs about 6m range to cap Snipe on CVellum. At the moment I am basically over half way point in funding my character and my range is only slightly over 1m clean. Fully self buffed only gives me about 100-200k more range. Currently I am only level 161. Unsure if that makes a huge difference. My equips are all 9%-15% all stats excluding the 4% nebs I've put on them. I've got 55% ATK and Prime scrolled Weapon. I think I am at about 230% Boss after completing Superior Gollux se