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Need advice on college major So I'm in college and am having trouble trying to decided whether to continue my Childhood Education major or switch over to Studio Arts or Fine Arts major. Originally I wanted to be a teacher but when I look at the course requirements for an Arts degree, it sounds so much more fun. The only thing about the Education major that I really hate are all the certification exams. So I'm really just asking here, what would you do in my situation? Pros and Cons please~ Thank yous

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My idiot little brother So school for him is starting in a few days, and just yesterday he claims he's going to "eat healthy". He bought premade bagged salads and Ranch dressing, and eats that for his meals rather than something carby to fill him up. This morning he eats a "healthy" breakfast of instant ramen with an egg and a boatload of mozzarella cheese. Now he's on his second salad for lunch, filled with crap... TLDR: ranting on stupid little brother thinking hes eating healthy but isnt -.-

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Me draw you pixels? D So yeaa, boredom. If you want I can. okey. [url=]1[/url] [url=]2[/url] [url=]3[/url] [url=]4[/url] [url=

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