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Unliking something I understand that there is no dislike system because everyone on the internet is butthurt and it's considered negativity, but with this Like-only system, can I be able to UNlike something at the very least? I've misclicked the little heart countless times when I'd try to quote someone but my screen resolution is pretty tiny. Like on instagram you can like and unlike something, but this is like youtube. You either like it, dislike, or not at all and can't undo it. Does anyone else agree or nah


Giant Bullets Does the recipe still drop from Oblivion Monk Trainees? I know they're really rare, but I've been trolled by 7 Titanium Crossbow Arrow recipes and the Giant Bullet Recipe isn't even in their drop list in the Monster Book; and yes I know the monster book doesn't show all of the drops, but they're the guaranteed things that drop. So can anyone confirm this? Like, as of 2015/2016. I need to know if nothing changed drop wise. Or if any other mob that was discovered that drops the recipe let me know. And if anyone in GRAZED has Eternal or Giant bullets hook a brotha up por favor because I can't depend on the FM anymore. It's DEAD. D-E-A-D. And Gallos didn't wanna drop any Eternal bullets for me either so I can't depend on them. Bot


New laptop with Win10 and maple SO I bought an Asus ROG laptop a while ago (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gl502vt-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i7-12gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-970m-1tb-hard-drive-black-anodized-aluminum-black-painted-plastic/5090905.p?id=bb5090905&skuId=5090905) and I recently tried to play maple. When ever I try to play maple using the launcher, everything is all good until I select a character and enter my PIN; then the screen just stays black on loading forever. Not for a few minutes, FOREVER. I never had this issue with my last laptop that cost around $500 which was decent and not really meant for gaming. If I'm lucky, maple DOES load and I can play, but only on a crappy resolution. If I try to change it to the high o

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For those of you who have siblings that are 9 or 10 years old (or in 4th/5th grade), or if YOU'RE in 4th or 5th grade [which I highly doubt], what are you/they into? Be it social media, cartoon, tv shows, games, w/e it is I need to know. My friend has to make a kids book for 4th/5th graders to present to them but is having trouble coming up with ideas to make the kids really enjoy and like it. We already thought about bribing them with candy so my friend can get the highest grade (the book that is liked the most gets the highest grade), but that wont really earn the grade they deserve right? So what are your young siblings in that age range into? The only think I could think of is pewdiepie and justin beiber/1D/5sos

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Has one of your family members passed away? I mainly want answers from those who lost their mother. How long did you mourn for them after they passed? I'm just wondering because someone I know has barely been talking to me because their mother passed away around the middle of March. I've talked to them probably only three times since then until now and it's driving me insane. They don't want to talk to anyone, don't want support, nothing. Just sit in their room in solitaire.

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Giving up Pokemon okay this covers 3 of the separate sections here so I'm just gonna put it in the Nintendo one... I've been playing it since I was 7 years old. I played every generation since the first one. After D/P/Plt, I've lost most of my interest in it, especially competitive battling. I only played B/W, X/Y, and ORAS for the sake of playing the new game and beating it. I haven't made any new pokemon for battling however. I just transferred my old ones all the way from Plat and haven't even touched them after transferring. I'm thinking about selling my pokemon games to gamestop (already sold X and every generation before that, but I still have my digi copy of Y and Alpha Sapphire), I'm even considering selling my 3DS and other games s

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