Duzz #General Talk


Has MapleStory ever ruined your day, week, or even month? I just wanna share my story. Okay so I collect medals. That's pretty much the only reason I actually play this game. I've been tryin to get the "I'm a Lucky Guy" for a while now. Now see, I don't even WANT this medal. I literally want to HOLD it for 30 seconds so it adds to my collection. Then I'll give it back. No harm done. Everyone I meet with it is so reluctant to give it or share it. No one accepts vouchers. I'm not blaming them, it's my fault I'm so poor. I don't deserve to be complaining but I just am. I don't care. I'm too poor for collateral. I'm too poor. At this point, I'm just upset that this medal, this item, this piece of data on an MMO game, is having such an

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