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Pre-X/Y Summer Giveaway Thread I've been wanting to this for a long time. I'll be posting more detail about the rules of the giveaway tomorrow after I've completed the breeding process. In honor of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I've decided to give away one of the three starter pokemon. Now YOU people decide which one you want. -All you have to do to collect your Pokemon is to comment on the Giveaway thread I'll be making. I'll post details later. -All Pokemon will have 5 random IVs -You may request a gender of whatever starter gets chosen (post in tomorrows thread) -It WILL be a GTS giveaway. I'll post rules tomorrow, but if you want to know what a "GTS giveaway" is, you can google it. -All Pokemon will be legit -Request balls*

General Nintendo

Get a free Shiny Mega Gengar online Some awesome guy posted this on /r/pokemon and it worked for me! "INSTRUCTIONS Where is says "Para cualquier player" fill the email field, next field is name, then last name, then a 4 number PIN (any 4 numbers will do) then select your gender and type your birthday DD/MM/YYYY, leave the rest empty, scroll down and check the box that says "acceptation de terminos" And click enviar. Important! Seems like this promotion is locked to Mexico, but [b]using the Hola extension for Chrome you can easily switch your IP to a Mexican one to fool the system.[/b] You will get an email containing a link to your code, enjoy!" [url=http://gameplanet.com/pokemon-sg/]Here's the site.[/url] [url