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Some issues and ranty nonsense from Duzz So it feels like it's been years since I made a thread and I miss it. Miss basil love you boo boo. Anyway yeah quotes and likes work weirdly now. I wish they was a designated page to view your likes and stuff. Same with quotes. Still haven't really 'approved' of the new Basil site, but I guess we're way past that at this point because it's been more than half a year. I've come to a point where visiting this site has become manageable in a sense, but I really respected old basil and how clean/accessible it was. Maybe a mental thing for me personally, but I just can't get comfortable posting regularly anymore. Some of you might remember how active I was before and have seen that I'm not incredibly acti

General Site

A few things about the entertainment forums First off, let me say this. I'm not 100% serious about these things. Just a few unorganized ideas here and there about the site/forums. I feel as though there shouldn't be that many different forums for gaming. There should be just one general "Gaming" area IN the Entertainment section. Instead of having "Nintendo", "PC Games", "XBOX", "Playstation", and "Other Nexon Games", we should just have one merged area called Gaming. As we can see, the "Anime/Manga" section is doing great. That should be kept as is IMO as well as the "Art" section. About "Chat Island". I don't think there should be a "Non-Maple T