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What animes are you aniticipating for summer 2014? title says all, why not let us all put a list together? SAO II yeah i know, SAO, especially the ALO failed hard, but after reading the LN i have to say i have enjoyed the GGO arc the most. probably will watch it just for animation. Tokyo Ghoul have read the manga, definetly watching it. as long as they dont censor too much it will be a great ride it got despair, gore spiced with bit of horror, and if i think where the anime will adapt to there is going to be great action Akame ga Kill again, if they dont censor too much, dis going to be good. a normal shounen, with one major difference... people die when they are killed... left and right... *huehuehue* Psycho Pass this is only a reboot of t

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Sengoku Patch Ems - need help hi all dudes and dudees, as you can see from the title, we from ems are getting sengoku patch (hayato and probably kanna) soon. now i want just ask you guys what event you from gms got (since we are probably getting the same patch) and what event items we should farm for. also from the notes i see that hard mori ranmaru drops 150 gear (?) which means he is dropping tylent/RA gear? or some other gear? would be nice if someone could help us!


this is Mano from supreme world, which we fought (and i died :P) in supreme world there are: - pot cooldown - some skill cooldown (espacially the mobbing skills) - mobs dealing more dmg (~10x dmg, stumps in perion hitting 100-200 dmg, mano 1hit ko me with 1k dmg) - because of mob dmg and pot cooldown we are forced to lv at mobs much lower than our lv, therefore getting much less exp the highest atm (6 hours after release) is only lv 42, still lvling in henesis later we tried mushmom, she was dealing 3,5k 1hit ko us all;feature=youtu.be

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