Literally why L I T E R A L L Y why would Nexon raise the level cap on BPQ only to remove Bain weapons, the only reason to do the boss in the first place L I T E R A L L Y why are Reboot's cubes STILL only available for purchase in quantities of 1 L I T E R A L L Y why is logging into the game more difficult than any of the actual gameplay L I T E R A L L Y why doesn't Nexon do anything about the 24/7 hackers in Blackgate and Ninja Castle I swear to god this is the dumbest company in existence

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How do you feel about death Or more aptly, how do you feel about being alive? The experience of being alive after someone close to you has died is what destroys me. I spend so much time looking at the future that when the present suddenly hit me, it felt like my stomach was tearing apart. Whether I could expect it or not. I'm not the kind of person who is afraid of his own death. I'm afraid of being alive to see the deaths of my loved ones. I'm afraid for the people I'll be burdening with a similar grief when I die. I'm afraid of the fact that both of these things are inescapable, and that I'll have to relive these feelings many more times than I'm comfortable with. Maybe I should just become a hermit and forget relationships altogether.

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Uninstall Hola Unblocker If you've installed the popular Hola Unblocker VPN, whether it's to watch country-restricted Netflix shows or listen to Pandora outside the US, you should uninstall it immediately and find a different service. To begin with, the reason Hola has so many different countries available is because the USERS function as the proxy servers. Which means if you have Hola and somebody in Turkmenistan, China, Namibia, wherever, decides to use a proxy from your country, Hola will connect them to YOUR internet connection to use you as that proxy. Everything they decide to search up or access will appear to be coming from, you guessed it, you. This is default functionality, and to top it off you have to __pay them__ to be exempt f

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Those of you with ferrets Tell me what they're all about. I'm being offered a 6 month~1 year old ferret this very minute; supposedly very friendly, litter trained, people-oriented. Comes with a cage, food and dishes. I mean I know they're cute balls of pure bliss but I want to know the cold hard facts, tips, whatever you've got for me. [*] What do I feed it? [*] How is the smell and how might I deal with that? [*] Are there any common health problems I should look out for? [*] Anything else? High-maintenance isn't an issue, I have a lot of free time and I've had many pets in the past.

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Introvert struggles Is anyone here an introvert? And I don't mean the "oh I kinda want to be alone today" kind, I mean "If I don't see another person for the next 2 weeks I'll be a happy man". I'm having a hard time with friends and family, feeling like a complete and utter dink and I'm really struggling here. I lost most of my friends years ago when my social anxiety really peaked and I turned into a shut-in, and the few that still try to keep in touch I've kinda been acting like a jerk towards. Ignoring or forgetting to reply to messages, keeping them curt when I do. It makes me sound absolutely terrible to just say "Oh that's just how I am" but it's true and I can't help it. I'm seriously not trying to be an

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Linux distro for low-end laptop I've never used any Unix-based OS and know little about them, but I'm interested. I can't get the exact specs right now (kid sleeping in the spare room) but seeing as it's a school laptop from the vista era, if I had to wager a guess it couldn't have more than 2gb ram and around 1.7GHz dual core. If I'm using the lappy almost solely for programming and casual browsing, what distribution(s) should I check out? I mainly want something accessible to someone who has used Windows his whole life, with an overall light footprint

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