That one armor buff used by bosses What is it supposed to do? It's blue, looks like torso armor, and appears over the head of bosses. There's like no list of boss/monster buffs out there or anything, the only reason why I know what most of them do is because of how their names occasionally come up, the images used to represent them, and because of well, playing the game. I can't even think of anything to call it other than "That armor buff" it doesn't have a name that rings a bell like "Damage Reflect" or "Cancel Weapon Attack" or anything I've heard of.


Anyone here have the golden damage skin? I finally got my 300 coins after time and time again of wishing for a ragequit button(that doesn't make you wait 15 minutes) in Yut, and from what I know Nexon never specifically announced that they fixed it even if it's back in the shop. I mean normally you would assume that they would have if it's available after being removed, but this is Maple we're talking about here. Don't want to dump all these coins on something that's not even going to function.

General Shade

Squish Is there reason to stick with a Corsair? So der I was, feelin' liek grinding my sair up to 140 so she could use the awesome Empress weapon I happened to have successfully scrolled for once that adds like 5000 to her range. I went into MPE and...oh my god what HOW DO I STOP ALL MY POTIONS ARE DISAPPEARING AHH AAAAAAHHHH I actually never tried out my Corsair's skillset change since RED (and the update before that wasn't played for too long either) because of how I both disliked the gameplay change (not too much though, at the time) and because of the greater focus on octopi(seriously even the flash jump has an octopus) which kind of screwed with my opinion of the class. I made my Corsair aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll the way back


A list of obsolete mastery books? My apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't find one through google. There is currently an event running that will allow you to exchange obsolete mastery books (the mastery books that can be still used cannot be exchanged) for generic mastery books. However, I am not aware of which mastery books are no longer usable(well, I am aware of some, but not all) and since this exchange service is temporary(it's until new year), I would rather that I can exchange the ones I do have as soon as possible for the purpose of maxing the skills on my 4th job characters. I should also mention that there are obsolete mastery books that do not appear that way, for instance, earlier I had tried to use Power Stance 2

General Darkknight

Seven years of Paladin, first day of Dark Knight So, because the RED update messed up how I wanted to play Paladins, I betrayed my past and fell into the realm of Dark Knights, for the sake of this character's future. Problem is...I have no idea how you [i]use[/i] Dark Knights. Which skills am I supposed to keep using? In what order do I use them in a certain context? How much is funding necessary(I can tell you that funding has NEVER been with me)? In what order should I use my buffs? How often should I use (skill)? How difficult is it to survive? Do I have to do anything in particular with my HP (IIRC, pre-RED Dark Knights liked keeping their health low or something for damage purposes...but I could be wrong, I never really paid much atte


So like I have this untradable 2-Star Enhancement Scroll. and I vaguely remember crap about scroll statistics and blah so what I want to know is This scroll, with its 80% chance of success, is that actually 80%, or does it include the memory of all the scrolls that worked on the equip beforehand even if they aren't the same type of scroll? For instance, a weapon scrolled with the red 60% scrolls for ATT 7 times with 2 failures, are those at all relevant to the enhancement scroll's chances of success? (I remember something about how the more scrolls work on your item, the smaller the chances of scrolls working on it afterward) The last time I scrolled anything before my new Empress gun with any intention of doing so for making it more useful


Changing my password, while avoiding Facebook So. I'm trying to change my password. And nexon's making that impossible to pull off. Because I need to link it to my facebook account. The facebook account. That doesn't exist. So, my question. Is it possible to unlink your account from Facebook after i'm done changing my password and whatever, either through Nexon's site, or with facebook, or by destroying the facebook account connected to it, or whatever. Do I need to use the same e-mail for the facebook for it to work. Is it even possible to terminate facebook accounts to begin with. And who the hell got the idea that you need to connect to a social networking site that's designed to show information to others as an added layer of "secu

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