General Thief

How much will it take to make a phantom strong? I've seen clean empress canes go for max in FM, and it seems like the rest of the set is more expensive (maybe with the exception of pirates) than other classes. I'm assuming to get prescrolled versions will cost much much more, and I doubt scrolling them myself will be very economical either. It's because of this that I decided not to level my phantom beyond lvl 70 (link skill), but I'm starting to consider it again. As the title says, how much money will it take to make a phantom strong?


Well known quitting sites When I was in Zenith and one of my friends was quitting, they listed all their equips, chairs, even meso on a thread on some site, and recently I was reminded of this because someone else I know is quitting, and they're trying to sell their stuff. Is there like a couple well known sites where people go to list these things? Because I'm getting tired of having to browse throw fm, rarely see anything that's of use to me, and then making offers to people who just disappear the next day. Also, the quitting people seem to have better rates than people in FM.

General Mage

Evan, I/l, or Battlemage I just made a fighter and I still plan on playing phantom (when I'm rich enough to afford any of their stuff o.o), but I've been playing a pally since BB (finally hit 200) and I love him and all, but I kinda want a change of pace. I heard % int equip isn't too expensive, and I've always wanted a mage, so why not now? I just don't know which one I want to make. I'm considering Evans, I/L, and battlemages, and I'd like to know a couple of things. First of all, do they all just use empress equips, or do I need to get them ewands/staves? How are they with training and bossing? And are any of them more expensive than the others (not including any NX I'll have to buy for a battlemage or evan)? Thanks in advance!

General Warrior

Basics of a Hero So I'm lvl 197 with 46% at the moment, and plan to hit 200 pretty soon. Once that happens, I've decided to make a hero. I tired the guides but I still have some questions. One is what skills to put points into and when, a skill build (please don't just say leave slash blast at one and brandish at one, because that isn't too helpful). I'm also curious if a 12% str VIP shield from my pally will upset the balance and make a 1h axe (fast 5) better than 2h (normal 6), both Empress. Also, any general knowledge of the class that could be useful, like when I should use a finisher (I read that I should use them, just not on a monster that's about to die), what skills are better in what situation at what level, etc. Thanks in advance

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