Hot Week 2 Rewards [url=]Link as proof[/url] Monday, June 29 - 2x EXP Coupon (5) and 10-Year Token (10) Tuesday, June 30 - Eight-Chair Holder and 10-Year Token (10) Wednesday, July 1 - Special Medal of Honor (3) and 10-Year Token (10) Thursday, July 2 - Bit-Case (3x4), Bit Box (3), and 10-Year Token (10) Friday, July 3 - Spell Trace (100) and 10-Year Token (10) Saturday, July 4 - 10-Year Token (50) Sunday, July 5 - 10-Year Token (30). And if you received a Gift Box every day this week (with characters in the same world, not world alliance), then you can also select one additional reward from the items (just items, not 10-Year Tokens) given Monday through Friday! Meh. Could be worse I

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