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Str Mage Guide [header]STR Mage Guide[/header] Enjoy, and try at your own risk ;) [header]Prerequisites[/header] 1H all class weapon (2H and fine too, BUT with 1H you can use a shield) Shield with weapon attack or at least str All/mage class equips with str/weapon attack % str equips Time/effort [header]Getting Started[/header] (At this stage you should be ready to support/fund your insane decision) [b] Step 1: [/b] Create an explorer [b] Step 2: [/b] Get it to level 8, then talk to Master Grendal [b] Step 3: [/b] Put all your ap in STR; add sp to max all buffs (DO NOT ADD TO ATTACKS) [b] Step 4: [/b] Buy any 1h wep that mages can use (Flags/umbrellas can use magic attacks) [Recommendations] [b] Step 5: [/b] By level 29, you should have max