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Hero Hyper skill, Afa dilemna So far, leveling my hero, I've noticed we have 6 [i]useful[/i] hyper skills; Raging Blow reinforce, Raging Blow Extra Strike, Advanced Combo Reinforce, Advanced Combo Boss Rush, Advanced Final Attack Ferocity, and Advanced Final Attack Opportunity. Without a doubt, the 2 raging blow ones are to be taken since it's our main attack and the 2 advanced combo ones are also good so I'm taking those (bossing especially but also for training). My question is which of the 2 advanced final attacks I should take, both are useful and increase our DPS/DPM but which is more useful in the long run? 20 attack isn't a HUGE number but it's still useful whereas 10% extra proc rate can also go a long way. Thanks in advance for the


anyone else get a random NX-Event gift from Nexon did anyone else get a random NX-event gift? I randomly got 25k NX and I don't recall doing any events or surveys. I'm cautious about using it because we all know Nexon's a money-hungry company and obviously they wouldn't give us NX for free (very often) and especially not anything more than 1k or so... for those of you who say "ss or bs," here you go: [URL=]profit?[/URL]

General Bishop

KMST mage revamp question about priests so... all 3rd job mages are going to get Magic Critical according to the recent KMST revamp... I know nothing is for certain, but can anyone confirm whether or not (currently in KMST) priests still have Holy Focus and get Magic Critical? It seems sorta ridiculous for priests to have 75% critical rate if you think about it, considering how priests already have extra mastery (again from holy focus); there are also no notes on Holy Focus... So, to put it simply: Do priests get 2 critical skills to get a total of 75% base critical rate? Or is there something the blogs are missing? Thanks in advance!

General Corsair

Help with BulletsSlinger Please So, I'm finally taking an interest in the slinger I made when pirates came out and now I'm stuck with what bullets to use and where I can find them... I have the funds required to buy enough but I'd prefer hunting for bullets (I'm pretty sure I can easily farm them). So I'm just curious as to what's the best "path" for bullets and where would be the best places to farm them, a link to some sort of guide is also sufficient. Also, is 30 base str acceptable, I have the lvl 43 and lvl 64 maple guns so I'll definitely has a weapon until at least lvl 80+ Thanks in advance!

General Updates

Duo Running Maple not for illegitimate purposes I've heard that it's possible to run 2 maple clients at once on the same computer. I usually use a separate laptop to run 2 accounts, however I only have 1 laptop atm so I was wondering if it's still possible to run 2 maple clients on the same computer. I'm not using this to do anything illegal, I'm merely doing it to HS-leech myself (using a legit trick to gain the full +50%) so my training will be quicker on noob characters... anyone know or can point me in the right direction?

General Quests

Quest that allows you to scroll items you cant wear so... I know there's a quest that gives you a skill that lets you scroll items you cannot currently wear... I just wanna know if the quest is still around, where I can take it (if available), and also if I can scroll [b]any[/b] items with the skill or do you still need some stat requirements? Sorry if this sounds REALLY noob, but I've honestly never done the quest and I've never used the skill before. Thanks in advance to any helpful answers

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