General Updates

need help super urgent so I posted this yesterday, but literally no posts were helpful, so I'll try again. ever since this most recent patch, I've been having problems not disconnecting from the game constantly. I get on pretty easily, and after a minute or so, I disconnect, following with an error code that says, "you have been disconnected from the server due to the use of speed related hack programs." I'm obviously not hacking, I don't even know what a speed hack is. after I clear the message, I click on the play button once again, and then I'm not even able to get into the game without the message popping up AGAIN. I have to restart my laptop and try again. one of my alliance buddies said it was my firewall and that I should t

General Shade

Undoubtably the best training guide post rising heroes this is a guide for all people (great for the unfunded) I know this because it took me only a few hours to get to level 110 yesterday following this: 1-10 tutorial quests (most classes skip) 10-30 flaming golems 30-40 first map of golden beach 40-50 golden beach 50-60 rein strait 60-65 perion mummy dogs 65-75 drakes 75-90/100 scorpions and sand rats 90-100 roids 100-105/140 monster park extreme 105-140/165 evolving world 140-165 dimension invasion party quest 165-200 stronghold 200+ ancient mixed golems alternative for later levels: 160-250 stronghold 160-250 Evo with kanna and HS link 9 20x hp core credits to and for the alternate guide enjoy!

General Kanna

about the class known as kanna hey so I wanted to make a kanna and I plan on doing so tomorrow after the patch (cash shop share!) so, about potion pot. is it a very good item to have? and can someone explain how to use it because this would be the first time I buy one and what attack do you use for your main mobbing 3rd/4th job (I know enough about kanna to know that I use a 3rd job skill as my main throughout 4th due to cool downs) also, is haku still glitched thanks friends

General Updates

Immense lag and problems logging in Hello, ever since I've updated to the patch on Wednesday, my maplestory won't load, and when it doesn't, errors occur. when I'm trying to log in, 100% disk usage occurs, and my laptop becomes practically paralyzed. I've come tithe consensus that black cipher may be the problem, and I redownloaded and followed the steps on the website. I know it's not my laptop because it's an amazing iCore7 Samsung that's pretty much brand new. I am really upset over this, and I would like some help. thanks

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