General Corsair

Corsair Battle Ship Changes Taken from Max's Blog [link=]link[/link] Summon Crew Summon Crew: an error where crew members would occasionally disappear even though time was remaining has been fixed Octo Quarterdeck Octo Quarterdeck: cast action delay has been decreased Battleship Bomber Battleship Bomber: Summon one of the Nautilus’ crew members on a battleship for a 20 seconds, each bomb shot will deal damage 3 times on up to 6 enemies. You can have up to 2 summoned at one time. Battleship Bomber’s skill level will be linked to Crew Commandership’s skill level (no longer Rapid Fire). There is a cooldown of 30 seconds. Dauntless: 275% damage, normal atta


Still Possible to Get the Sun Chair? Hey guys with the hot week artifact storage thing I was missing one of the nine planet chairs from 9th anniversary (I think mercury maybe) I wonder if I get the chair is it still possible for me to receive the sun chair since I have all the other planet chairs required for the quest to appear? On the other hand Lotusroid's coupon gives a [i]permanent[/i] heart no? Could someone confirm if its untradeable or account moveable by any chances? Thanks guys and have a nice day :)

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