Nexons Q4 2014 Investor Presentation You may have seen [url=]this thread,[/url] which mentions that Nexon has announced their Q4 2014 and full year results and links a couple articles. However, if you are looking for the actual numbers and statistics, check this out: [url=][/url] This is Nexon's presentation, which includes data regarding overall revenue, loss, year-over-year growth, etc. (as well as this data by region), along with their plans for future games and updates. If you look at page 18, you'll note that Nexon took a net loss i

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PokeBank Exchange Thread Hi! The purpose of this thread is to help one another complete their National Pokedex through the exchange of PokeBank-exclusive Pokemon. [url=]This is Serebii's list of Pokemon only obtainable via PokeBank.[/url] While PokeBank is not yet released in America, Japanese players who already have PokeBank have brought a lot of Pokemon over, which, thanks to breeding, means we are able to obtain most of these Pokemon with relative ease. If you would like to participate, please post your FC, your trainer name, what Pokemon you have to offer that are PokeBank-exclusive --- [b]Basil ID | FC | Trainer Name[/b] [b]- Have: [Pokemon][/b] [b]- Want: [Pokemon][/b] | 1564-2785-4407 | Mi


Collecting A Guide to Rare Equips [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to the collector database--the comprehensive compilation of all you need to know about rare equipment. I'm Drake. I've been collecting old, rare, and event items on my character FleshEating in Khaini since April 2012, and I began this project to organize a complete list of collectibles and to aid aspiring collectors in their search for them. Hope it helps! [header]Getting Started[/header] [b]What is collecting?[/b] "Collecting" is a term that encompasses a variety of activities on MapleStory. Many people choose to gather medals, chairs, or other items as a hobby or goal alongside training their character. However, this guide will focus specifically on collecti

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