General Dualblade

Khaini Dual Blade Stuff Give Away Hello!~ so I have some low level db stuff... and I have no use for them. They are [b]NOT[/b] scrolled, so if you don't need them, please don't take part in this event! [header]Items[/header] Daggers: Maple Dark Mate - Level 64 Dragon Tail - Level 80 Kataras: Maple Cleat Katara - Level 64 Maple Pyrope Katara - Level 77 Bloodsoaked Katara - Level 90 Meteor Katara - Level 100 [header]Other Free Stuff[/header] Reverse Alchupiz - Level 120 Spear Retro Scooter 90 Day Coupon well someone guessed it already. tis contest is over.

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