Gear advice In EMS we recently updated to the global version 173, adding a lot of new content and equipment. A lot of us feel very lost now on what equipment to go for, and it would be lovely if some veteran GMS players could give some advice. Personally I'm currently using this gear ( and am still a bit unsure on what would be ideal to get. Currently I'm thinking about getting the Gollux set, possibly combining it with the Meister set, and filling in the rest of the ring slots with lower tier Gollux rings. Emblems got removed because Nexon is flawless at doing updates, but we should get new KoC emblems in the next update, so that's no biggie. Also my shoes don't have a tooltip anymore, so Idk the stats. Any i

General Cygnusknightdawnwarrior

Kmst 1.2.010-1.2.011 Dw skill changes [b]Elemental Expert:[/b] elemental resistance ignore effect has been removed, this skill now gives 10% attack and magic attack [b]Falling Moon:[/b] damage has been increased from 55% to 60%, cast delay has been removed [b]Rising Sun:[/b] damage boost has been increased from 20% to 35%, cast delay has been removed [b]True Sight:[/b] elemental resistance reduction effect has been removed (True Sight - Enhance's effect will remain the same) [b]Impaling Rays:[/b] cooldown has been increased from 120 seconds to 180 seconds [b]Equinox Cycle:[/b] cast delay has been removed [b]Soul Forge:[/b] duration has been decreased from 200 seconds to 180 seconds [b]Styx Crossing:[/b] when charged fully, number of hits ha