we are Not getting Kms version of unlimited just a PSA. we are getting a different update called "Spark" in CMST. you'll notice that our update includes level 3 link skills while KMS never got them, plus we get the different UI updates that are in spark. (scroll to spark part) Quoted from leafre: What's new? ~ UI revamp ~ Energy Swords and Desperados added ~ Updated tooltips ~ New damage cap (in a complex way) *Empress weapons increase the cap to 4,999,999 *Fafnir weapons increase the cap to 9,999,999 ~ New contents *Visitor PQ/Dungeon, whatever you'd like to call *Strange Ocean - Aqua Road expansion ~ Level 3 Link skills at level 210

General Paladin

Summary of paladin skill changes **Updated for June 28 changes, as posted by orangemushroom and southperry (thanks ) Info on the RED revamp currently in KMS/KMST has been posted already but it doesn't include skill percentages and delays, which I think would be helpful to have in one spot. Will be updated as necessary. [header]Swordman (1st job)[/header] [b]HP Boost[/b] (Removed) [b]Power Strike[/b] (Removed) [b]Iron Body[/b] (Changed) OLD: MP Cost: 14, Weapon DEF: +200, Duration: 300 sec, Delay: 600ms NEW: [i]Increases your Weapon Defense for a fixed amount of time. Reduces the damage done by nearby enemies. Permanently increases your max HP.[/i] MP Cost: 14, Duration: 300 sec, Weapon DEF: +200, Enemy Damage: -10%, Passive Effect - Max HP:

General Shadower

should I create a shadower? Hi, sorry if this kind of thread is stale, I recently created an f/p mage to try it out and only at 117 did I realize the playstyle was not for me so I figured it would be good to ask some opinions before investing some time in creating a new character. damage doesn't matter too much for me, what I'm asking is more about the playstyle. I enjoy warrior classes (paladin esp.) because they're beefy and with power stance you can pretty much ignore bosses' damage and knockback, and use little to no pots during regular training. shadowers seem to look fun to me because they are also melee and also look decently tanky with meso guard. (corny line alert) should I walk the path of the shadower?

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