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Near-death experiences Heres my story: Two days ago a couple of buds and i went out to the desert to fire some rounds at targets. Everything went smoothly, area checked, so we got the OK to fire them. I decided to shoot off some rounds from a sniper rifle, and everything went pretty downhill from there. When i fired the round at the target, it pierced through and hit a rock. There was a whistle-like noise, then the bullet hit me. I was completely paralyzed when i felt the Hit, and feared the worst. I quickly reached to where the bullet hit, which was down my pants And noticed that it just grazed my left inner thigh, literally half an inch from my Testis/penal area. everyone rushed towards me and asked me if i was okay. I was shocked that i


Shielding Wards I recently bought a shielding ward off the CS (ran out of RED coins for proct. scrolls) and ive been trying to scroll my sword with AEES. the only issue is that its not letting me use the ward on my sword, just keeps saying the "effect is already active" even though it doesnt say nowhere in the sword description that it is. ive tried the ward with other items and it seems to accept them, though not the sword. sword has been AEEd 3 times and maxed out on hammers with no upgrade slots left. any tips?