Strongest and Weakest classes - real life style So, this is maybe a weird thread to make. I got the inspiration for it when me and my friend were having some banter on Skype. We started joking about a hypothetical situation in which you could really get training as a Maple class in real life, taking the rip out of what a disaster that'd be mainly. He asked me what class I'd end up as, and after a moment's thought, I was like - "Well frankly, I'm not very good at anything. I got arms like pipe cleaners and a head fit only for smacking walls. But hey, if you're not good at much in particular - be a Bowmaster!" 'Cause let's be real. Paladin? Awesome. Calling down lightning from the sky and summoning holy invulnerability. F/P? Sweet.

General Buccaneer

Minimum Range to finish Ranked Dojo Hey guys, Pretty simple thread for you all. So I've massively upgraded my equipments recently; with a little... OK, a lot of help from my friends. I'm currently at 70k as clean as can be and at 100k minimum fully buffed (excluding Hyper, Charged Mode, 4 5 or 6 on Roll of the Dice). I've still got a lot of work to do with some of my auxiliary equipments such as my untraced, un-Star Forced pendant, rings and swapping the lousy boots and gloves I've got for something better. As well as star forcing my CRA set. In brief, when I'm sorted with all that I should, fingers crossed, be sitting at somewhere around 100k clean, and between 130k and 150k fully buffed. My friend Cam claimed that I'd need a 200k range to