Inner Ability lines Leg Looking to see if anyone has any info on what kind of buff duration lines I can get on lines 1,2 and 3. Besides the obvious 50% buff on line 1. What other buff duration % could I get from line 1 if I didn't get a 50%? Line 1. %-50%? Line 2. %-4x%? Line 3. ?? Not aiming for buff duration on all lines, just what kind of percentage there is (seen) on these lines in Legendary tier. Debating to whether or not re-roll my 20%drop rate (Line 1) and aim for 50% BD or aim for 4x% bd in the second line. Thanks guys!


Another IGN gone! Decided to make a Kinesis (finally) and proceeded to delete my mule that had the IGN "Chulo". Next thing you know I get a message from Nexin saying: You cannot use that username. Meaning it's censored by default in anyway you type it...even adding numbers. Why would Nexin censor a name previously create-able? Chulo means pretty boy in Spanish, where's the harm in that? Your thoughts? Edit: (Post Commentary) Apparently "chulo" has a double meaning besides pretty/cute. Also means "pimp" which leads me to believe is the real reason it got censored. gg! Nexin! You censor a spanish name but then again we have pimp nx items eg: pimp stick & pimp chalice. Unreal...

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