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P/c Crap Gach Run Decided to take advantage of the 90% discount and bought 35 gach tickets. These are the items I got: F1 Machine 90 days coupon Paralyze 20 (2) Hot Air Balloon 90 days coupon Permanent Pegasus coupon Piercing Arrow 20 Reflection 20 Permanent Magic Broom coupon Permanent Wooden Horse coupon Blast 30 Magic Wooden Horse 90 days coupon Elquines 30 Inferno Breath 20 Illusion Step 20 Venom 30 Pegasus 1 year coupon Permanent Napoleon coupon Permanent Tiger coupon Transformer 90 days coupon (2) 3rd Unwelcome Guest Belt Fearless Engaw Random Timeless Weapons Permanent Big Money Chair Random 30 days chairs So, how bad did I do for 2990 nx?


Nexon - Taking a step in the right direction In the last couple of days, I have to say I was really impressed by Nexon's actions. First and foremost, I have a feeling we [b]were[/b] supposed to get the nerfed version of the RED coin store, like CMS got. It's thanks to the official forums and fansites, like Basil and Southperry, that we got an even better store than the one in KMS. Now, even though Commerci was delayed, I'm glad Nexon is taking the time to fix issues, before releasing new content. I was even impressed by the ridicules amount of hours that the engineers were up to fix the issues with RED. And lastly, Nexon's last action that took place just now, the server check. They already managed to fix some of the most recent issues, lik

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