General Dualblade

What %Boss Damage is good to stop at? Currently sitting at 214% boss damage. My Fafnir dagger is currently sitting 325 attack, 12 starforce. Legendary tier at 12% attack, 30% boss damage, and poop third line, and 4% attack neb. My SW Katara currently sitting on legendary tier with % damage, crit rate, and % attack (cannot remember from the top of my head) At what point can I stop cubing for % boss damage and start cubing for more % attack? I have limited money for cubing so..... yeah

General Shadower

Training from lvl 63-75? copper drakes are getting a bit stale for me, so before i tackle the dessert rats and scorpions in magatia, where would be another place for me to either grind or quest through? even though copper drakes may sound like the best option for me right now, it is really boring for me to grind there with about 15+ characters i have made so far EDIT: also, which third job skill should i not max? im thinking either midnight carnival, phase dash, or meso explosion....

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