General Kaiser

Questions about bossing So I resently started maining my kaiser. Currently lv151, 115%boss, 78pdr, and 500k range. I'm planning to get to 155 so I can normal mag, but then I'm gonna stop and work on my gear and get more %boss, pdr, and range of course. But my question is, with my current range can I beat hard gollux, and normal mag? Also, I'm working on my character control and was curious. Is it really worth it to stop spamming gigas for that split second to cast wing beat? And at what range should I stop using transform? I'm currently hitting 3-5m per line(not transformed)on gigas depending on which boss I fight, but that's subject to change, I'm bout to get 2 25%boss nebs.

General Warrior

Hero or Kaiser So with the up and coming revamp of the Hayato I'm opting to quit my main. Obviously with as much money that I have invested, I want to stick to the warrior class. I've tried all of them except mihile. So I'm down to this. Go back to my hero(lv172) or my kaiser(120). My hero has legendary emblem and 25atk heart, and 30%d 1hand faf. And my kaiser has unique emblem, and that's it. I enjoy both classes for the most part and am at a complete loss as to what to do. And opinions and justifications as to which would be the better option. Thanks.

General Shadower

Upgrading Help, whats the next step So I've finally hit 1.1m buffed. But as most people will say in this game, that's not good enough. Next month we have the new map, as well as new boss coming out, which is cool and all. But Im more so interested in being able to actually solo or duo the bosses we have now. A bunch of people I have talked to said I need to get to the equivalent of 3-4m range to be able to do what I want. So this is where I'm at... I've already accepted that most of my gear with the exception of some of it will have to go. So all advice will be appreciated. As of right now my current gear is.... 310atk/13 star Sw Dagger - legendary pot 23%atk, epic bpot 4%atk, rest is crap, 25%boss neb 43atk Dragon Khanjar - Unique pot 9%at

General Hayato

Damage for a 1m range? Can any of the hayato pros give me a hand out there? Im trying to figure out what kind of dmg I would be hitting on a hayato with 1m range. I quit my bowmaster shortly again due to the fact that with 1.1m I still couldn't do some of the easier bosses due to health, and the fact that I was only seeing 4m an arrow with that kind of range. Right now im playing my hero, but I want to play my hayato. I just hear a lot of people say how week they are. I don't expect to see huge numbers. But I want something bigger than 4m a hit....